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Online LPN Programs

Online LPN Programs as a Degree

Licensed practical nurses are responsible for performing a wide variety of care to patients in settings such as home care, nursing home facilities, and physician offices. Every state requires that LPNs are licensed to work, and completion of an accredited program is necessary to meet state licensing guidelines. The majority of programs offered can be found at vocational-technical schools and community colleges. In addition, prospective LPNs must pass the National Council Licensure Examination to qualify for licensing in their state.

Individuals interested in pursuing a career in nursing will find that LPN programs provide students with a combination of classroom learning and clinical experience. Classroom learning includes topics such as patient care, nursing process, medications, and ethics to create a curriculum that effectively prepares future nurses for a career. Clinical experience functions to translate what students have learned academically into real-world experience. Nursing continues to be an expanding field of healthcare that is experiencing substantial growth. Graduates who successfully complete a LPN program and pass the national exam will discover the marketability of the skills and knowledge they now possess.

online lpn programs

What Online LPN Programs Have to Offer

Online schools offer non-traditional students the opportunity to continue their education, while still balancing work and personal responsibilities. For older adults returning to school, an important and practical consideration is how to find the time to attend classes while holding a full-time job or caring for young children. Online programs were developed in response to the additional challenges facing older students.

Younger college students are generally able to structure their time in order to accommodate on-campus class schedules. For adults with other professional and personal obligations, prioritizing schedules to coincide with classes held on-campus is not always a manageable task. Through the development of online college degree programs, adults are now able to attend school and contribute to class discussions at times that are optimal for them.

Practical nursing programs can serve as an entry-point into the growing field of healthcare for those looking to change careers or advance from an unlicensed position in patient care. LPNs work under the direction of registered nurses and physicians in providing care to patients.

Advancement and Careers

As practical nurses gain experience through direct patient contact and nursing care, they can advance to supervisory positions overseeing the work of other LPNs and unlicensed patient care staff. Individuals interested in furthering their education and career advancement may also be eligible for specialized LPN to RN nursing programs. The academic and clinical foundation received in an online LPN program can also facilitate advancement into other medical fields. As a large number of nurses are expected to retire in coming years, and the shift towards outpatient care continues to occur, individuals successfully completing a program and national examination will benefit from an array of opportunities in hospitals, community agencies, and assisted-living centers.

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