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Online Carnegie Learning

Online learning is one of the best ways for adult learners to go back to school. Adult learners, who typically have families, jobs, and other responsibilities, are often too busy to take classes or pursue degrees in the traditional manner. Taking individual online courses of interest, or earning degrees online can help adult learners advance in their careers or even begin new careers.

online carnegie learning

Online Carnegie Learning

Adult learners may want to consider the option of Carnegie Learning and its online courses. Carnegie Learning is renowned for its innovative math curricula, geared for middle school through post-secondary students, to help them gain greater understanding of a typically difficult subject (from basic mathematics through algebra) and improve their math scores.

Carnegie Learning also has its professional development courses online for adult learners who are in the teaching profession, to help them increase their teaching effectiveness as well as raise student achievement in mathematics. In this setting, adult learners who are also teachers can work with Carnegie’s professional services team “to build a standards-based, student-centered curriculum and effectively integrate technology to inform data-driven instruction.”

What Online Carnegie Learning Has to Offer

Taking online classes through Carnegie Learning has specific advantages. In addition to the flexibility and convenience offered by online learning, adult learners can benefit from Carnegie’s expertise and revolutionary online learning platform.

Those adult learners who need to brush up on their math skills for advancement opportunities, or simply to perform better in their current jobs, can take advantage of Carnegie’s course offerings. These include geometry, integrated math, pre-algebra, elementary algebra, and intermediate algebra. Integrated math blends content from foundational numeric mathematics, geometry, algebra, and statistics.

Adult learners who teach can benefit from Carnegie’s professional development series:

  • Implementation Training
  • -Includes initial training and coaching, as well as in-classroom support and customized professional development for educators using the Carnegie Learning curricula.
  • Math Academies
  • -Provide hands-on, math-centered learning activities for teachers to gain greater understanding of various areas of mathematics, as well as how to teach more effectively.
  • Online Professional Development (PD)
  • -Provides 20 hours of “on-demand, just-in-time learning” through interactive and video content covering content from the Implementation Training and the National Math Institute series.
  • National Math Institute
  • -Offers a 3-day learning institute and networking opportunity for educators as they learn more effective instructional strategies for middle and high school mathematics.

    Advancement and Careers

    Individuals with education beyond high school have a greater opportunity to advance in their careers and have higher earning capacity. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) provides statistics demonstrating the fact that an increasing number of employers prefer individuals with at least bachelor degrees; in some fields, master’s degrees are preferred. The BLS also provides figures revealing how each higher level of education substantially increases potential hourly rates and annual wages. In addition, a 2012 report from both the Department of Treasury and the Department of Education revealed that even individuals with a 4-year bachelor’s degree typically have a 64 percent higher earning capacity than peers with only high school education.

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