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What is the A+ Certification

A+ Certification

There are lots of certifications in technology. People that acquire a bachelor of Information Technology will often find out that this is only the beginning. When they get into the real world of work they may need something more to stand out. This is why the A+ certification is one of the most popular certifications out there.

This certification was created by the non-profit organization called CompTIA. It basically demonstrates a person’s ability to fix computers. In many instances this is considered to be a basic certification. People get this when they work (or want to work) with computers on a regular basis.

A person that is studying for the A+ certification must actually pass two exams. There is one A+ Essentials exam that must be passed. The other exam is an elective. A person can choose between the Remote Support Technician, Depot Technician, or a Depot Technician. This exam certification is valid for three years. It serves as a measure of a person’s skills in requiring hardware.

The test has several parts that potential candidates must study for. This includes concepts like safety and environmental issues. Security and networks are also covered. In terms of hardware there are sections for printers, operating systems, and laptops and portable PCs.

People that are interested in studying for this exam can buy the book or view the videos. There are lots of videos that exam the concepts. People that want to get certified can actually take classes with a live instructor. There are many different ways to learn the material. Some people take classes, but many people may simply buy the book and organize self-study for this.

When people are preparing for the A+ certification they must have a certain amount of knowledge in different areas concerning the computer. There is definitely a need to be familiar with various hardware on the PC. Individuals that are studying for the exam need to be able to confidently identify things like RAM, hard drives, network cards, motherboards, adapter cards, cooling systems, and ports.

There are lot reasons that people fail, but the most common reason is over confidence. Some people that have a history in working with computers will assume that the exam is easier than it is. The exam is updated just about every three years. Technology is always changing. Some concepts will stay the same, but some will change. This is why people that are up for renewing their certification will still need to study the new material as well.

A+ Certifications are becoming standard in some areas where technology is concerned. There is a great need to technicians that are certified in this field. The A+ certification is thorough. It’s proof that people have been able to develop the skills that are necessary to work on computers. There is a growing surge in certifications in the military. More private sector organizations have a desire to work with people that are certified. There are a lot of people that want to get jobs in information technology, but it becomes much harder without a certification. People that want to make themselves marketable will need to get this certification. It the stepping stones for people are right out of college. A Bachelor of Information Technology isn’t enough anymore.

There is a large certification demand for people that work in technology. The A+ certification has become what people use to prove that they can disassemble and reassemble a computer. Anyone that wants to make themselves more marketable will obtain this certification. It is one of the most valuable ways to make your resume stand out.

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