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Online Nursing Programs

Types of Online Nursing Programs

online nursing programs

There are many different types of online nursing programs available for prospective students to choose from, however, the two most common types of online nursing programs are the RN to BSN degree and the MSN degree.

BSN:The BSN degree is a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. This degree gives nurses the information and knowledge they would require to be a productive member of the nursing team at hospitals, nursing facilities, doctor’s offices, or home health care offices. BSN holders can become supervising nurses in busy hospital environments. These degrees take four years to complete. Coursework covers general education requirements as well as the science of nursing. This degree is ideal for any student considering a post-graduate nursing degree.

MSN:In order to become and APN, also known as an advanced practice nurse, an MSN is necessary. Master of Science in Nursing degrees focus on many advanced practice areas, including: nurse practitioner services, CRNA services, clinical nurse specialty areas, or certified nurse midwifery. These degrees take up to 24 months to complete.

Other online nursing degrees include advanced degrees and certifications a nursing candidate may require for a desired job.

What Online Nursing Programs Have To Offer

Online nursing programs allow students to complete the non-clinical portion of their education online, conveniently, from their own home or office. Some benefits of completing nursing programs online include:

  • Education without residency requirements
  • Coursework taking the place of many traditional exams
  • Access to instructor notes and lecture materials online, 24/7
  • The ability to complete coursework at the student’s own pace
  • Convenience combined with the structure of traditional nursing programs
  • Close communication with an academic advisor, to ensure success in the program.

Online nursing programs also offer students the ability to continue working full time while achieving their online degrees. One of the main issues that keep working adults from continuing towards their higher education goals is the financial strain they and their families would feel if they had to reduce their time spent on the clock to attend a traditional college or university.

An additional, financial benefit of attending nursing school online is the lack of transportation costs. Nursing students often have to travel great distances to attend their college or university of choice. Online degrees offer the same high-quality educational standards and learning opportunities without the transportation costs and travel time.

Online Nursing Programs

Online nursing programs provide students with the education they need to join a league of desired –and necessary- health-care workers. Online nursing programs are affordable, with tuition fees between $100 and $300 per credit, on average. Many students who enroll in online nursing programs will find themselves eligible for financial aid, just as they would be in traditional campus programs.

Online nursing programs do have minimum prerequisites for their students to have completed before successful admission. For adults going back to school, a high school diploma or GED is required, and some schools may ask a bit about work experience and history.

Students considering applying for entry into an online nursing program should have access to a computer, as well as reliable high-speed Internet. An email account is also necessary to keep up communication with the school and instructor. Each program has their own set of specific requirements, so it is important for prospective online nursing students to keep a list of questions they want to ask their academic advisor.

If nursing has been a career you have always wanted to pursue, but you haven’t been able to sacrifice the number of hours required to attend a traditional program, an online nursing program may be just the program to help you achieve your career dreams! Look in to one of the accredited nursing programs online and give it a shot. You will soon be a part of a field that is in hot demand.


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