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How to become a PE Teacher

pe teacherFinding out how to become a PE teacher can lead numerous adults who enjoy exercise, sports and fitness down a rewarding and stimulating career path. Pursuing a degree online is an ideal way for busy, working adults to gain career momentum by advancing their education at a pace that fits comfortably into their current schedules.

Many adults that find they are ready for a change in careers are not sure how to begin going back to college to pursue a degree due to a busy family life and full-time work obligations. Online courses provide an excellent way for people to latch onto their career dreams and begin working towards a degree without neglecting their responsibilities and obligations.

What Type of Degree Is Needed To Be a Physical Education Teacher?

A Bachelor in Physical Education is the most common type of degree that is pursued by students who want to gain a career working as a physical education teacher. This type of degree is also sometimes referred to as a Bachelor in Physical Education Coaching and Teaching. A Bachelor in Leisure Studies is another type of degree that also can prepare a person to enter into a field of teaching and coaching physical education classes, as well as certain types of sports.

Physical education degrees will primarily focus on the human body, aspects of physiology, physical fitness and general health. Sports coaching, teaching and instructing are courses that students can expect to take when they enroll in an online degree program majoring in Bachelor of Physical Education.

Leisure studies can equip a person to be a PE teacher as well, but this type of degree program focuses on recreation, fine arts, sports, community health, therapeutic recreation, program development and concepts of leisure and recreation.

How Long Does it Take to Complete a Physical Education Degree Online?

One of the great things about taking online courses is a person can work at her own pace to complete a degree program. Physical education degrees, like many other education and business degrees online, are available through a set of credit hours. General education prerequisites are required before a person can advance into more focused classes that directly relate to the person’s degree program. These general education classes typically include history courses, math courses, writing and reading comprehension courses, social sciences, and electives that include fine arts courses and computer courses.

All general education courses may be taken online. If these courses are taken on a full-time basis through an online degree program, a person can reasonably complete the courses within a year to 18 months. People who want to accelerate rapidly through online college courses can take extra credit hours and complete general prerequisites at a more rapid pace. Once the prerequisites are completed, a student can then focus solely on physical educational courses to become a PE teacher.

Core College Classes for Physical Education Students

Anyone who wants to become a PE teacher will be interested in learning what type of core classes are taken at a college level to achieve a Bachelor’s degree. These core classes consist of basic anatomy classes, physical fitness, nutrition health, the effects of alcohol and tobacco on the body, sports regulations and guidelines, CPR and lifestyle health.

Health and wellness, cardio training and weightlifting coaching are also other common courses that are taught within the perimeters of a physical education online degree program. Each of these courses prepares students for graduation and for state education and physical fitness licensing tests.

Choosing a Minor is Beneficial

Because teaching PE is a popular professional education occupation, students entering into a Bachelor of Physical Education program may benefit by choosing a minor. Choosing a minor such as fine arts, history, mathematics, agriculture or social sciences will give a person an edge when it comes to searching for a job in an elementary, middle school or high school venue.

A minor in education in a special area of study will give an individual an advantage over other applicants who may only meet the minimum physical education teaching qualifications. School boards seek out PE teachers who are also qualified to teach other areas of study. This will help to meet the needs of a school and cut costs in personnel. PE teachers who also take on sports coaching activities often can enjoy additional pay bonuses for these extra efforts.

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