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Accreditation information for online colleges and universities


Not all online degrees are created equal. In a rapidly growing higher education market, more colleges and universities nationwide are flocking to offer online learning platforms to provide prospective students with an accessible way to earn their college degree. Other learning institutions are also staking their claim in the online education market to capitalize on this growing demand. These degree mills promote a guaranteed method to earn your college degree and find a high-paying job fast. However, these claims are often too good to be true. Students should be wary of online colleges that are not affiliated with an accredited college or university and should select their degree program with caution to avoid falling prey to scams and unfounded claims.

This page will inform you as to why accreditation matters in the online education market and how you can ensure your online degree program measures up to the standards that traditional colleges and universities set. Explore articles that examine the accreditation process and how it affects your online degree and inevitably your future career. You will also have access to a directory of accredited online colleges that provide quality degrees with real value in the job market.

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Accreditation Articles

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