York College

Bachelor of Business Administration

The Elijah A. Levitt School of Business at York College prepares students for successful careers as Christian business professionals. Through a comprehensive curriculum plan, students will be introduced to the skills needed to succeed in the business world. Coursework will included components dealing with critical thinking, reasoning, interpersonal communication and problem-solving skills.

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Business Administration program will enjoy a wide variety of benefits, including:

SKILLS: Students will be introduced to all aspects of business, including software applications, statistics, ethics, communication, law and international business. Students will acquire a core skill set in the financial, personnel, organizational, marketing, and production functions of business.

QUALITY AND CONVENIENCE: Students will have the opportunity to take courses taught by highly qualified and well-trained instructors in an online environment. Through flexible online learning, students can finish a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from anywhere, at any time and at their convenience.

GROWTH POTENTIAL: Upon completion of the program, students will be adequately prepared to enter the workforce as business professionals or continue their studies at the graduate level. Within York College, business students have traditionally continued their studies in the fields of education, government, business communication and business management.

JOB OPPORTUNITIES: York College is committed to assisting students in finding and securing jobs and/or graduate school admittance. Program graduates will be prepared to obtain a job in several fields such as general business administration, banking, public administration and management, consulting, retail management, human resources and public relations.

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