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Bachelor of Science in Poli Sci and Public Admin - Global Issues and Social Justice

Take the opportunity to gain crucial 21st-century skills and transform your passion for politics, public service, and societal change into a rewarding career. The B.S. in Political Science & Public Administration with a concentration in Global Issues & Social Justice program will help empower you to navigate successfully among government, private, and nonprofit sectors. You can gain a deep understanding of political theory, as well as the tools and skills necessary to identify issues and effect positive change in your organization and your community. Your degree can also build a foundation for graduate study, including law. Throughout this program, you will: Explore such matters as environmental justice, economic disparity, the promotion of diversity, and the role of women in the new global community. Study how international organizations promote social justice. Examine the organizations, strategies, and techniques that have been most successful in responding to such global challenges as natural disasters, HIV/AIDS, hunger, and healthcare. Be exposed to ways to apply effective cross-cultural communication skills to academic, personal, and professional settings. Consider your role in global health promotion, protection, and maintenance. AIM Higher at Walden University Accelerate Into Master's (AIM) Transition from a bachelor's degree to a master's degree in less time with Walden's Accelerate Into Master's (AIM) degree option. AIM offers high-achieving undergraduate students an opportunity to take as many as five graduate-level courses in their undergraduate coursework. Upon completion, credits from these courses can be applied toward a master's degree. With the AIM degree option, you can earn your master's degree in as little as one year, depending on your individual progress and degree program.

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