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Master of Business Administration in Operations Management

Operations management is management of a business’s processes to produce goods or services that satisfy customer needs. It includes delivering goods and services to customers using the least cost transportations.


  • Produce an operations strategy that increases an organization’s competitive advantage and value to customers.
  • Develop and justify an organization’s strategic operations and process management approach with particular focus on organizational and production strategies including just in time (JIT), Six Sigma and lean operations.
  • Critically analyze quantitative operations techniques to manipulate or process data to support decision-making processes.  
  • Propose solutions to complex operations and process management issues based on the application of global thinking and best practices.
  • Evaluate the transformation required to change an organization’s operations philosophy to meet global market demand.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of new and innovative operational performance approaches with particular focus on integrated e-commerce and database-oriented enterprise resource planning (ERP) to support differentiation, response and cost leadership strategies.
  • Analyze the core concepts and principles of purchasing as the foundation for supply chain management.
  • Demonstrate solid foundations in all aspects of the supply chain.
  • Analyze transportation problems, especially highway traffic congestion, from a systematic perspective – as an interaction between land use and transportation systems, not just as a problem related to highways.
  • Maintain ethical and social responsibility while efficiently developing and producing safe, quality products and services.

Quality and Convenience: This degree refines organizational management skills and concepts. Graduates step forward with greater confidence and deeper knowledge of organizational units, where logistics and transportation are critical.

Growth Potential: “Top executives devise strategies and policies to ensure that an organization meets its goals. They plan, direct and coordinate operational activities of companies and public or private-sector organizations.” – U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics

Job Opportunities: This program prepares individuals for middle- and upper-level management opportunities, where top executives earn a median salary of $101,250, according to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics

Program Description: Our operations management program was recently introduced and is based on direct input from local companies that span a wide array of industries. The program is comprised of 10 courses, each lasting 10 weeks. Students typically take two courses at a time.  Prerequisites may not be required and are based on the students’ prior education. Students who lack previous experience in statistics may find it beneficial to take an introductory statistics course before enrolling in the operations management program. A GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test) score of 400 or higher is required.

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