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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) Degree

The Doctor of Education Ed.D. degree program at Oakland City University prepares the educator and organizational leader to be a servant leader, facilitator and conveyor of knowledge. The Ed.D. program prepares graduates to deal with interconnected problems facing schools, organizations, and society. The program looks at leadership within the context of organizational renewal. Such leadership focuses on common values among professionals within an organization, a vision of organizational strategy, and the pursuit of higher institutional and personal goals.

The main objective of the Ed.D. degree is to advance the knowledge and skills of graduates in specialized content areas, and to provide advanced knowledge of the education process for employers and students. Graduates will gain advanced knowledge of human development, and use their experience and skills to support the advancement of intellectual, social, and personal development within a business or educational environment. OCU's Ed.D. program imparts on students an in-depth understanding of diversity issues and their inherent value. Most importantly, graduates will serve the community and assist as a community resource within their community.

The Ed.D. is a professional terminal degree that requires students to engage in a rigorous process of research, inquiry, and site-based practice that not only includes the dissertation, but also an extensive internship that includes an action research project as well as a cultural diversity project. There are three (3) specialization options within the degree program—the student selects one area in which to specialize. These specialization areas are:

  1. The Superintendency
  2. Curriculum & Instruction
  3. Organizational Management

The completion of the Ed.D. with a specialization in Option 1: Superintendency makes the student eligible for licensure in the state of Indiana. Professionals in higher education and organizational management specializations gain the skills and knowledge for higher ranks of leadership.

The coursework of the Ed.D. program consists of a minimum of 90 credit hours, or 96 credit hours for those who have not completed six hours of research in a master's program. As many as 30 to 33 credit hours from an accredited master's degree program may be approved from prior graduate work. Courses will be delivered in a hybrid format of face-to-face summer residency with fall and spring online courses. Doctoral students participate in the program through cohort groups with a maximum of 16 students per cohort; one cohort will be formed each calendar year.

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