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Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

The MMC CJ program began in 2005. From the beginning, the program has stressed the fact that criminal justice is a profession that demands the highest standards of ethics and skills. From the very first, only professors with real life experience in criminal justice have been sought by the program as instructors. Unlike many institutions of higher education offering CJ degrees that stress only academic credentials, MMC CJ has not only required adequate academic credentials but also extensive experience in the field.

Criminal Justice is a critical profession for the maintenance of the way of life we have become accustomed to enjoying. Only highly qualified practitioners will be capable in the future of providing the level of excellence that our society will require of criminal justice professionals. The MMC CJ program recognizes this critical need for highly skilled professionals in the future and strives to provide the requisite education necessary for our students to not only meet the demands of our future profession but to excel in their chosen field. Ours is a profession literally of life and death. We fully comprehend this rigorous standard and strenuously endeavor to instill in our students the essentials of knowledge and skills to successfully achieve their career goals.

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