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King University offers a Master of Business Administration online program that prepares students to be effective, strategic leaders and managers in a variety of business settings. The MBA online curriculum guides students through methods of management research, theoretical systems, skills development, and ethical practices within their own contemporary professional environment.

The MBA online program blends an intensive classroom case analysis with the individual preparation and small group discussions. The MBA curriculum adopts and implements creative components such as the team-based learning model, and a transformational learning experience for personal and professional skill development. 

The online MBA is a 36-hour program, designed for students who have limited work experience and seek to enhance their business administration knowledge and skills.

Case Method

The case method allows for complete understanding and integration of the materials and is based on a four-step learning process. The students read and analyze case data, and decide and plan a course of action; discuss with their respective team and resolve any areas of uncertainty; discuss further the results of analysis with the professor and provide real-world scenarios; evaluate how the critical thinking process influenced the outcome of the case analysis and decision making methods.

Learning Teams

Teamwork is a proven essential to a positive outcome of any business process. The challenge for a learning team is to find the proper channels of communication and "make it work."  Comprised of five or six students, the learning teams in the MBA online program are designed to promote the diversity of students' academic backgrounds, country of origin and professional experience, and foster collaboration within the group while mastering new concepts and skills.
You may also choose one of the following MBA specializations:

MBA - Human Resources
Prepares you for executive roles in human resource management by providing skills in human resource leadership, training and development, compensation and benefits.

MBA - Healthcare Management
Prepares you for leadership roles as a practicing health care professional in organizations that provide health care services within the private or public sector.

MBA - Marketing
Prepares you to be a leader, marketing executive, and change agent in your organization, along with providing knowledge in strategic marketing planning, promotion and advertising.

MBA - Finance
Prepares you for financial leadership roles in the public and private sectors, corporations, investment banks, or financial planning firms by providing an understanding of markets and institutions, investment strategies and financial planning methods.
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