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MABC in Leading the Customer-Driven Organization

Putting your customer first is key.  The best and brightest leaders in any organization share one common secret: If you take care of your customer, success will follow.  Despite most companies’ claim that they are customer-centered, most organizational structures are, in fact, product-driven. But times are changing.  This specialization examines the paradigm shift in business assumptions about the customer and enables you to implement important structural changes designed to meet the needs of your organizations customers – both external and internal.  You also will gain highly relevant and valued practical knowledge on positive leadership and how it functions in relation to the customer. 

Degree Learning Objectives:

  • Create a systems approach to integrating business systems for effective internal and external customer service management
  • Develop a customer centered focus that has a positive impact on organization performance
  • Develop an inclusive frame of reference that enables you to make sense of the dynamic complexity of global business
  • Create strategies for organizational change
  • Develop foundational business communication knowledge and skills through the core courses

Who should enroll:

Business leaders and those seeking positions of leadership and influence within customer-centric organizations will find this degree program especially valuable.  Typical students include CEOs, COOs and other executives who seek to empower their sales and service teams, global or international sales directors, director of sales and service, territory sales directors as well as sales and/or service managers, as well as those aspiring to such positions.  The expertise gained from this progressive specialization can be applied to any field or industry that has internal or external customers.

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