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BBA in Technology Services Management

If you have attained a technical certificate or associate’s degree in a technical area and you now want to expand your horizons and move into management in your chosen field, this program is for you.  This degree specialization will build on your existing knowledge by developing key managerial skills, including basic accounting and finance, interpersonal- and technology-based communications, ethical leadership, project management, and quality control. 

Degree Learning Objectives:

  • Develop a holistic view of the impact of technology and resources on the entire organization
  • Create an Information Technology Infrastructure plan
  • Identify leadership qualities and assess the effectiveness for future, personal, career directions
  • Examine the critical legal and ethical issues faced by managers and their impact on business operations
  • Understand the steps required to plan for quality assurance and identify methods that position a company to achieve its quality objectives
  • Develop foundational business knowledge and skills through the core courses

Who should enroll:

Technological expertise is a highly prized skill set in every industry.  The specialization will appeal to those currently working in the technology services field who seek broad business knowledge and the specific tech skills needed to ascend into management.

Note: The BBA specialization in Technology Services Management requires that students already have either an associate's degree or certified training certificate in a related industry

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