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BBA in Customer Care Management

Protect your most valuable asset.  Every savvy business leader knows that his/her success hinges on providing its customers – both internal and external – with a high level of service that surpasses their expectations.  Customer service is essential to not only retain existing customers but grow a business.  Those skilled in customer care bring value to their organizations and will find that their talents are in high demand across all channels.  JIU created its BBA in Customer Care Management degree program to provide you with a solid foundation in business fundamentals (finance, accounting, organizational communication, and management, etc.) while exposing you to the specific knowledge and practical techniques needed to excel in the customer service arena. 

Degree Learning Objectives:

  • Analyze the tools and processes of the support center manager and understand the implications for effective customer service
  • Identify leadership qualities and to assess the effectiveness for future, personal, career directions
  • Examine the critical legal and ethical issues faced by managers and their impact on business operations
  • Understand the steps required to plan for quality assurance and identify methods that position a company to achieve its quality objectives
  • Develop foundational business knowledge and skills through the core courses

Who should enroll:

The ability to provide superior customer care is required in every industry, especially where competition on price and products is aggressive.  This degree program is well-suited for students currently working in customer service, client relations, or sales support, or those who seek positions in those fields. The expertise gained in this specialization can be applied to a variety of jobs in an array of industries, including financial and insurance services, retail and wholesale, health care, food and hospitality services, telecommunications, manufacturing and business support.  Potential jobs range from customer service specialist and call center manager to communications system analyst and director of client relations.

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