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Iowa Wesleyan College (IWC) designed its online Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program for registered nurses (RNs). You can complete required courses on a part-time basis and can earn your BSN in as little as one year – entirely online.

Mission: Iowa Wesleyan College’s Division of Nursing aims to prepare students to meet the needs of an increasingly globalized and diverse world. Through innovative teaching strategies, the Division of Nursing provides an educational process that empowers students to achieve their potential and develop life skills such as communication, problem solving, values and social interaction across the continuum of nursing care.

Outcomes: After completing the nursing program, graduates will demonstrate professional competency by being able to:

  • Synthesize liberal arts and nursing concepts to enhance the professional nursing practice.
  • Clarify beliefs and values about relationships with other people.
  • Integrate critical thinking into nursing practice for individuals, families, aggregates and communities.
  • Value culturally competent relationships with other people.
  • Assume a nursing leadership role to promote quality health care through communication, collaboration, reasoning and problem solving with fellow health care providers and communities.
  • Contribute to the professional nursing practice to increase the understanding, appreciation and utilization of nursing research.
  • Empower themselves to seek social solutions in diverse situations.
  • View health care as an adaptive system that promotes health, learning experiences and development of the professional nursing role.

In addition to holding an unencumbered license as a registered nurse (RN) in Iowa, you must have an overall GPA of 2.5 and a grade of C or higher in all nursing support courses. You must also earn an 80 percent or higher in all nursing major courses. The Division of Nursing chair must have all of the mandatory requirements listed before you start your first nursing course.

The IWC catalog outlines all requirements for admission, progression and graduation.

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