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Gratz College, in partnership with Regional Training Center (RTC), offers professional development courses to certified K-12 teachers throughout Eastern and Central Pennsylvania, on campus and online.

The overall emphasis in the Gratz/RTC courses is placed on improving the quality and quantity of student learning in teachers’ classrooms. The skill and knowledge acquired by teachers in the graduate program help improve their students’ achievement and success.

  • The Gratz/RTC online courses are scheduled flexibly to accommodate busy teacher schedules.
  • Online courses advance the teacher professionally while building teaching skills and strategies to improve K-12 student learning.
  • Courses are designed to help teachers introduce new instructional skills and strategies into their lessons the very next day
  • Courses may be taken at a pace that is comfortable for the graduate student and do not need to be taken in any particular sequence. With the exception of the Action Research sequence, there are no required prerequisite courses.
  • All courses focus on skills and strategies to improve student learning; producing measurable results that benefit both the teachers and the students
  • Courses are usually taught by graduate faculty members who work full-time in K-12 schools and know the instructional and behavioral needs of K-12 students.
  • Courses are taught using a variety of instructional techniques, modeling ways for teachers to improve every student’s learning. Rotating the teaching strategies helps the learning process—for teachers and for the K-12 students.

Available Online Courses:
Motivation: The Art and Science of Inspiring Classroom Success: Fall 2012

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