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Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences

The social sciences are concerned with the total experiences of human beings, considering their society, their environment, their institutions, their accomplishments and their inner needs.

Students who pursue the Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences program at Dominican College gain a well-rounded education that includes experience within at least three of the principal social science disciplines: economics, history, political science, public administration, psychology, sociology and anthropology. At the same time, the major is designed to provide interdisciplinary and integrated experiences that help students perceive the concepts and methodologies that underlie and connect the fields.

Students will gain a deeper understanding of the underlying nature of human behaviors and their diversity, and how individuals function within their families, communities and societies in an increasingly globalizing world. Graduates of the program are skilled critical thinkers with advanced research and communication skills and possess knowledge of scientific methods. Graduates can meaningfully apply quantitative and qualitative methods to understand the human experience.

Convenient schedules allow students to learn at their convenience. Assignments are geared toward helping students integrate their work experience in to the learning process.

Program requirements: The social sciences major began in 1974 and continues to offer students opportunities for broad experiential learning in preparation for a wide range of employment opportunities in the health care, political and criminal justice fields. Courses are particularly geared to emphasize the economic, political and psychological underpinnings of societal issues, as well as to guide a student's understanding of the complex inter-relationships that result from historical reference, contemporary society and personal identity.

Graduation requires 90 liberal arts credits and 39 core credits. In the ACCEL program, the expected duration is three and one-third years to completion. There are no prerequisites to enter the program.

Career opportunities: Graduates of the Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences program acquire a useful foundation for law school, or postgraduate study in one of the social science disciplines or direct entry into a variety of professions, such as government service or education. Due to the broad nature and customizability of the degree, career options for graduates are diverse and ample.

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