Commonwealth Institute of Funeral Service

Certification in Funeral Directing

Commonwealth Institute of Funeral Service offers an online certificate in funeral directing via web-based instruction (on-line or eLearning). Courses taken through this program follow the same academic term and length as those taken on-campus and have the same rigorous academic and admission requirements. Commonwealth Institute's Certification in Funeral Directing online program is currently recognized in Louisiana, Texas, Missouri and Colorado. Contact your state agency to see if our certificate in funeral directing will be recognized in the state in which you plan on seeking licensure.

Students in this online program will learn how to conduct funeral services for various religious, fraternal, military, and nontraditional customs. They will learn the preparation needs (other than by embalming) of a deceased human body for burial, or other means of final disposition. Additionally, they will learn to conduct funeral arrangement conferences with families including the necessary paperwork, and learn the workplace safety guidelines for funeral service personnel.

The following modules are required to complete the online certification program:

1st Quarter
Module 1: BIOL 1408 Biology 1
Module 2: ENGL 1301 Composition and Rhetoric
Module 3: PSYC 2301 General Psychology
Module 4: MATH 1314 College Algebra
2nd Quarter
Module 5: BUSI 1302 Operating a Business
Module 6: MSCI 1212 Funeral Directing
Module 7: MSCI 1317 History of Funeral Service
Module 8: MSCI 1115 Occupational Safety
Modeul 9: MSCI 1313 Funeral Merchandising
Module 10: MSCI 1219 Mortuary Law
3rd Quarter
Module 11: BUSI 2301 Business Law
Module 12: MSCI 1314 Mortuary Administration
Module 13: MSCI 1118 Sociology of Funeral Service
Module 14: MSCI 1316 Counseling/Dynamics of Grief
Module 15: OFAD 1307 Office Accounting
Module 16: MSCI 1011 Computers in Funeral Service

Progress Requirements for Online Certificate in Funeral Directing Program: Student's progress is evaluated throughout the online program. Progress is documented as students complete lessons and receive graded assignments. Students must maintain a 2.0 cumulative grade point average. If, at the end of a quarter the student has not completed the required modules, the student's enrollment shall be terminated.

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