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The mission of Colorado Technical University, an institution of higher learning, is to provide career-oriented education by teaching applied, real-world, industry-current programs in selected areas, serving the needs of students for employment and career advancement and the needs of industry for highly qualified professionals. Post Nine Eleven G. I. Bill Yellow Ribbon Program Participant

Colorado Technical University began educating motivated professionals in 1965, helping them to achieve their professional dreams by preparing them for successful careers in business and high technology industries.

Our educational program content is continually updated and instantly applicable, so what you learn today, you can use on the job tomorrow. At Colorado Tech Online, we have developed our curricula to be among the best online learning platforms available, ready to help people like you climb to the peak of your profession.

Why Choose CTU Online?

For more than 40 years, thousands of ambitious individuals have chosen Colorado Technical University to earn their career-focused, industry-current degrees. Here are a few of the top reasons Colorado Technical University continues to graduate tomorrow's successful professionals in many of today's in-demand industries.

CTU professors are committed to helping you succeed; personally, academically and professionally. They bring years of knowledge in the fields of business, technology, engineering, law enforcement, healthcare, visual communications, and criminal justice. And, they bring practical experience to every classroom, offering you an opportunity to absorb meaningful, relevant course material as part of a degree program that is designed to be applicable in the real world once you graduate.

CTU Online is 1 of only 17 universities worldwide offering programs accredited by the Project Management Institute's Global Accreditation Center — and 1 of only 2 with an accredited undergraduate program.

Course content at Colorado Technical University is frequently updated to provide current information as reflected by the world around us. This practice enables us to provide students with a meaningful education that can be immediately applied to the pursuit of a career or professional position that interests them. Program content is also relevant, industry-current knowledge in a specified field of interest.

Students with prior college credit, military experience or an associate's degree may be eligible for the Colorado Tech Online Baccalaureate Degree Completion Program. In some cases, this may shorten the length of the Bachelor's program to 15 months.


Colorado Technical University Online is regionally accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association (30 North LaSalle Street, Suite 2400, Chicago, Illinois 60602-2504; 800-621-7440).

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