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Certificate in Christian Ministry

Certificate in Christian Ministry... building a foundation for Christian ministry and study.

The Certificate in Christian Ministry has been a part of the wide array of programs offered on the main campus of Campbellsville University for many years. The certificate is designed to assist ministers concurrently serving churches and/or ministers who have, thus far, been unable to engage in post-secondary study of a more intensive nature. All courses taught in this program are fully accredited and may later be applied toward degree programs for which they match the requirements.

This online offering will now enable students who fit the above demographic to experience an even greater amount of flexibility in ministry preparation. The Certificate in Christian Ministry online program can serve as an excellent first step towards further graduate study in Christian studies, especially for the nontraditional student.

Benefits: The Certificate in Christian Ministry online program will grant students knowledge and skills immediately applicable to a ministry position. For individuals with no undergraduate hours in Christian Studies, the 27-hour certificate provides them with the background needed to continue ministry preparation at the graduate level. In addition, the Certificate in Christian Ministry online program provides biblical, theological, historical and practical foundations for Christian service.

Skills: Students will study foundational courses in biblical history, interpretive skills, basics of theology, church history, principles of pastoral leadership, preaching, evangelism and growing a healthy church.

Quality and Convenience: The Certificate in Christian Ministry online program provides a way to balance ministry study with other demands. Students and current ministers who work full- or part-time jobs and serve in a ministry capacity can benefit greatly from the convenience of online classes.

Growth potential: The Certificate in Christian Ministry is especially suited to have an immediate impact on a student's current ministry position. The knowledge gained through the online classes can be put to use in the church environment, and the program of study allows a solid foundation for future undergraduate, as well as graduate study.

Jobs opportunities: Many church ministers undoubtedly experience God's calling on their life and a measure of gifting that allows them to serve their congregations. The Certificate in Christian Ministry online program enables these ministers to function in current assignments at a higher level. For others, who sense the call to enter Christian service but are not yet in a ministry position, the certificate provides them with foundational knowledge and skills that will be attractive to potential congregations or useful in other ministry settings.

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