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Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

The online Bachelor of Arts in Political Science degree presents students with an opportunity to gain a comprehensive and deep understanding of the dominant fields within the political science discipline. Our degree empowers students to prepare for successful careers in the public, private, domestic and international sectors, and educates them on becoming responsible and knowledgeable citizens. Political Science studies the relationships between governments and individuals, group behaviors related to domestic and international conflict and cooperation, processes and parties involved in domestic policymaking as well as issues and actors involved in the international environment. Furthermore, Political Science helps us understand what our rights and responsibilities are as citizens of our localities, states, countries, and the world. 

The online Political Science program offers an interdisciplinary liberal arts degree that builds holistic individuals who are prepared and competitive in a wide variety of sectors. To accommodate students’ interests and equip them with strong knowledge and skills, students can specialize their Political Science education through an American Government/Public Administration emphasis or an International Relations emphasis. Students who choose not to select an emphasis have the option of completing general major in Political Science.   

Regardless of the program path the student chooses, the B.A. in Political Science degree consists of 128 credit hours (or 43 courses) including mandatory General Education Requirements, Political Science requirements and electives, and general electives. All degree paths require 18 major credit hours (or 6 courses). The required courses include: PLS200, Intro to Political Science; PLS201, Intro to American Government; PLS215, Intro to International Relations; PLS303, Intro to Comparative Politics; PLS405, Research Methods; and PLS499, Senior Seminar in Political Science.

In addition, the American Government/Public Administration and International Relations emphases require students to take 18 major credit hours (or 6 courses) specifically focused on the subjects related to their chosen concentration. The political science concentration with no emphasis allows students to pick and choose the required 18 credit hours (or 6 courses) from either of the emphases. The remaining 15 hours (or 5 courses) are chosen from the list of Related Subject Electives. Through the flexibility of online learning, diverse emphases, and variety of course choices, students will be able to complete the degree in 4 to 4 ½ years as a year round full time student.  

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