Arlington Baptist College

Bachelor of Science in Biblical Counseling

The Bachelor of Science in Biblical Counseling from Arlington Baptist College will equip students to serve in biblical counseling ministry in the local church and prepare them for entry into a master's level program in biblical counseling. This online degree program is designed for students who are committed to the sufficiency of the Scriptures for all areas pertaining to life and godliness. The 44 semester hours of counseling courses cover the change process outlined in 2 Timothy 3:16 (i.e., doctrine/teaching, reproof, correction, instruction/training in righteousness).

Our undergraduate program focuses on helping individuals find their place in the world in accordance with God's intended view. Rather than focusing on enhancing the self-image of individuals, our desire is to teach men and women how to love God and their neighbors. By doing so, he or she will automatically construct a healthy self-concept -- a natural byproduct of God's Love. This program is built around these truths.

Benefits -- This program will help the students to develop a deeper appreciation for the sufficiency of the Scriptures over every other form of counseling theory.

Skills -- Our online Biblical counseling program is based upon the goal of creating more than just behavioral changes but genuine heart changes in counselees. Online biblical counseling students will become adept at applying the Scriptures to meet the real needs of counselees and, ultimately, enable them to experience real and lasting change.

Quality and Convenience -- With the exception of our Practicum/Discipleship Lab, our counseling courses are offered online. All of our counseling courses are written by instructors who have personal counseling experience, and many of them operate their own private counseling ministries.

Growth Potential -- This program will lay the foundation for those desiring to pursue a master's level degree in biblical counseling, as well as equip them for ministry within the context of their local church.

Job Opportunities -- Due to the increasing demands placed upon a pastor's time and energy combined with the breakdown of the American family, there is a growing need for church-staff counselors. Congregations need quality-trained professional counselors to assist community pastors in the ministry of counseling. While not excluding the pastor from the process of counseling, a church-staff counselor is a valuable asset in helping to meet the needs of a growing congregation.

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