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General Studies

The General Studies online courses offered at Ancilla College do not require students to meet in a physical classroom setting. The online delivery method removes the barriers normally associated with obtaining a college degree, such as being a student while employed or having social, family and any other miscellaneous engagements.

Students are given the freedom to complete their workload in a manner that is convenient for each individual. Online learning also makes geography less relevant. The asynchronous learning environment allows students from all over the country to participate in our programs and complete graduation requirements in a suitable manner.

Ancilla's online program attempts to accommodate the increasing number of students who want to earn a degree but cannot attend on-campus classes. Students can transfer 60 hours of college credit from a well-respected, private, and accredited Christian College. Ancilla's online program combines technology and a core curriculum that provides an alternative to traditional learning, without sacrificing the quality of education.

The Web-based learning platform provides students with the opportunity to creatively interact with professors and other colleagues in an online learning environment. Furthermore, students can choose their level of involvement and interact accordingly at their own pace, work on and submit assignments any time and from anywhere convenient for them.

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