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Masters Degree In Special Education Online

Earn your Master's degree Special Education online from an accredited distance learning school.

If you want to teach special children, you must enroll in a master’s degree in Special Education. In this program you will come to know about various problems of special children other than learning how to teach them. There are a number of regular as well as online institutes that offer this advanced degree. If you cannot attend regular classes due to personal or professional commitments, enrolling in a master’s degree in Special Education online can help you turn your dream into a reality. These programs are highly flexible and help you become a special education teacher without making any major changes to your existing routine. The ones who are seeking to make a career switch can enroll in this program.

Masters Degree in Special Education Program

A master’s degree in Special Education may take 1-2 years to complete. Degrees in this field are offered as a Master of Education or Master of Arts. In these programs, you will come to know the psychological factors that affect students with special needs, as well as the principles used to overcome the barriers in the process. In this program you can also choose to focus your studies in a particular concentration. Curriculum includes courses such as behavioral management, technology in special education, assessment in special education, educational psychology and inclusive teaching. You will also come to know about disability law and classroom management.

Occupational Outlook

Jobs for special education teachers are expected to grow about as fast as the average for all occupations. This is why if you want to switch your career and find more rewarding opportunities, getting into this field can be the right move. Once you earn master’s degree in Special Education you will be able to teach children with learning, developmental, medical or behavioral problems. With this degree you can earn typically around $53,220 to $83,410 on an annual basis.

Program Cost and Financial Aid

A program in this concentration may cost you about $25,000 to $28,000. However, masters degree in Special Education online is more affordable than the regular degrees. It can also help you save traveling cost. So if you want to earn this degree in a cost effective manner, consider the online option.

If you require financial aid, apply for federal grants, scholarships or student loans. Private student loans are also available for the ones who want to become a special education teacher in an affordable way.

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