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Online Masters Degree in Psychology

Earn your Psychology Master's degree online from an accredited distance learning school.

Psychologists are healthcare professionals who study mental processes and human behavior. They help people get over their mental or behavioral disorders by means of different treatments. Some of these professionals work independently while other work in clinics or hospitals. Students who are interested in becoming a psychologist must earn a degree in this concentration. Also, practicing psychologists need a license or certification.

Masters Degree in Psychology Program

A master’s degree in Psychology is offered by a number of colleges. It takes 1-3 years to earn this degree. Some of the courses included in masters’ degree in Psychology include communications, principles of learning and memory and sociology. You can also focus your studies in a particular area within this field such as clinical psychology, business psychology, sports psychology, child psychology, or forensic psychology.

Other than regular institutes, these programs are also offered by a number of online colleges. Online programs can make a great option as they provide a lot of flexibility. If you are a working professional and want to become a psychologist you can turn your dream into a reality by enrolling in online masters degree in Psychology. By getting into this program online, you will get a chance to become a Psychologist without making any major changes to your present routine.

Occupational Outlook

As employment of Psychologists is expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations, getting into this field can help you pursue a highly rewarding career. You can find jobs in hospitals schools, clinics or consulting companies and work as a case manager, career counselor or psychiatric technician. With this degree you can earn about $60,000 to $100,000 on an annual basis.

Benefits of Online Masters of Psychology

Online masters degree in Psychology can help you get into this field in a cost effective and convenient manner. Compared to the traditional degree programs in Psychology, online degrees are more affordable. Also, you do not have to attend classes in person - the entire program is managed online. This is why these programs make an excellent option for students as well as professionals who cannot make it to the regular schools due to personal or professional obligations.

Financial Aid

If you do not have the means to pay for a master’s program in Psychology you can get financial aid. Federal government as well as private lenders offers grants, student loans and a number of other awards. By availing these financial aid options you can pay for tuition and related expenses in a convenient manner.

Colleges Offering Online Masters Degree in Psychology

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