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Certificate in Religious Studies

Certificate in Religious Studies

If you are looking to grow in faith or further your knowledge about religion or the bible without disturbing other activities you may be engaged in then you should look for an online certificate in religious studies.

Types of Certificates

You can enroll online for both credit and non-credit certificates. Certificates offered by a college with a strong association to a particular religious faith will generally concentrate on that faith. Some of the areas of faith in which you can find certificates in religious studies are Christian Ministry, Bible Studies, Eastern Christian Studies, Christian Leadership and Theology.

What Will These Certificates Teach?

Apart from giving students the opportunity to grow in faith and spirituality, these certificates may offer foundation courses in biblical history, interpretive skills, basics of theology, church history, principles of pastoral leadership, preaching, evangelism, growing a healthy church, eastern theology and tradition, study of the Old Testament and the New Testament.

Job Opportunities

If you already have a career in the church, you may gain skills and knowledge which can help you advance in your position and perform at a higher level. If you are looking to launch your career in the church then these certificates can help you gain the foundation knowledge and skills needed.


While some certificates do not require any previous education, others may ask for a high school diploma or some other qualification. In addition, many schools require letters of recommendation from the church, minister or Christian mentor the student is working or studying under.


The duration of the certificates also varies. While some can be as short as 27 hour certifications, others can require a yearlong study, depending on the depth with which the subject matter will be dealt.

How Can You Find the Right Certificate?

In order to make an informed decision about the certificate you take up, let eLearnPortal help you by providing you with the best options through the use of our degree finder tool. Enter the degree, the area of study and the subject and browse all opportunities out there before making your choice.

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