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Online Bachelors Degrees In Social Services

Earn an Online Bachelors Degree in the area of Social services from an accredited distance learning school.

The social service sector comprises of various public and private agencies. All these organizations are working towards helping people deal with challenges of life. From personal finance management, to domestic abuse help, there are hundreds of ambitious social workers who work to help improve the quality of human life. If you’re looking for a meaningful career and have the passion to help all those in need, this area of profession is just for you.

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Social Services

To prepare yourself for a career in the social services sector, it is important that you acquire relevant qualifications. One of the most popularly pursued programs in this area is the online bachelor’s degree in social services. This is a four year undergraduate program, offered by many schools and universities online.

Program Structure

The core aim of this program is to provide students with knowledge and skills to help address global, national, and local social needs. The program incorporates a range of theoretical courses and community based projects that teach students how to provide effective social services. The curriculum is divided up into a number of short courses. Students must complete each course and acquire the total number of credit hours in order to qualify for the program. Some important areas of study have been mentioned here:

    • Principles of philosophy of social work
    • Social welfare policy analysis
    • Methods of research
    • Advanced organizational behavior
    • Client systems skill lab
    • Service delivery
    • Case management


A license is required to become a professional social worker. This license can be attained by passing the licensing examination conducted by the state social work board. It is important to know that you cannot apply for jobs without a license or a valid certification in social work.

Career outlook

With a bachelor level degree in social services, you can apply for a number of jobs in the social services sector. Social welfare agencies, non-profit organizations, charity organizations, hospitals, mental health clinics, old homes, and educational institutes are a few of the places where you can pursue a successful social services career. The average annual salary that professionals can earn in this sector is approximately $35,000.

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