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Online Bachelors Degree In Criminal Justice

Earning a degree in Criminal Justice can help you start a career in the field of security or law and justice. With an online Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice you have a better chance of advancing or building your career in the field.


With a bachelor’s in Criminal Justice, you can get an entry-level job in law enforcement on both local and state level, work as a private detective or investigator, as a security officer, a loss prevention specialist, a corrections officer or work within the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. Secret Service, the U.S. Marshal’s Office or with the Department of Homeland Security. Apart from these areas, you can work as a substance abuse officer, rehabilitation officer or join social services and provide support to abused women and children.


Most universities offer a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice but some universities also offer Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences with a specialization in Criminal Justice. Typically, the coursework for a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice will explore the basics of criminal psychology, behavioral science, contemporary corrections, justice systems, forensic psychology, criminal information systems and criminal justice and management. Some programs also focus on subjects such as technology, sciences, math, statistics, computer skills, history and sociology.


In order to enroll for a bachelor’s program in Criminal Justice, you should hold a high school diploma or GED. Some Universities also require a good score on the ACT or SAT.

Cost and Duration

Generally all bachelor degrees take four years to complete. However, some universities offer accelerated programs, allowing students to complete the degree in less time. The cost for an undergraduate degree can vary from $5,000 a year to $40,000, depending on the school that you choose to go to.

Online Programs

A number of universities now offer online bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. In order to find the program which best suits you, use our degree finder tool. Enter the degree level, area of study and subject to view a list of all accredited programs

Colleges Offering Online Bachelors Degree In Criminal Justice

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