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Associate in Liberal Arts

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Associate of Arts is divided into two main categories; The Liberal Arts (AA) and Social Sciences (AS). Both these degrees are then further sub divided into various other degrees programs, most commonly spread over a period of two-years or more. More time is required by students who transfer a four-year college or university program with a complete bachelor’s degree in the humanities or social sciences.

An Associate of Liberal Arts (AA) degree program in liberal arts exposes students to a multitude of subjects at the postsecondary level. This degree program is more about education for the sake of learning, since it focuses on developing cultural literacy coupled with communication and analytical skills. While doing so the students get to explore a variety of other disciplines including the humanities to social sciences.

Course Topics

Associate in Liberal Arts also offers degrees in literature, sciences, history, foreign languages, mathematics and philosophy. In many cases liberal arts associate degree programs require students to pick a major in one of the numerous liberal arts disciplines like fine arts, business administration or psychology. However, typically the degree program is made up of subjects like:

    • Computer skills
    • Foreign language
    • Writing
    • Public Speaking
    • Life science
    • English
    • Math
    • U.S. History

Career Choices for Associate of Liberal Arts

The kind of generalized education graduates of liberal arts associate's degree program get exposed to, opens up a vast career field for them. Fitting into fields which requires a broad spectrum of knowledge, strong communication and critical-thinking skills may is right up their alley. According to The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) advise, graduates of liberal arts can greatly enhance their careers options by taking job-specific courses like:

    • Writer
    • Public service employee
    • Management trainee
    • Sales associate
    • Tutor

Continuing Education

An Associate of Arts degree opens up a whole avenue for students to further advance both their ambition for education as well as career. Because of the expansive subjects studied, students are well prepared for almost any field of further studies or work they want to. Those who chose a specific major while pursuing their associate's degree can easily go on with their undergraduate studies as well, by majoring in that same concentration.

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