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Associate in Human Services

Earn your Associates Degree in Human Services online with an accredited distance learning school

Human services is a term that is used to define the techniques used for counteracting human problems, prevention and remediation, and improving the quality of life in a society. The core objective of this profession is to promote service delivery and help individuals.

Associate in human services

An associate degree in human services is a two year pre-bachelor degree. Numerous schools and colleges are offering this program. By enrolling in this degree program you can learn how to help people in the community through community assistance. You will acquire knowledge about various rehabilitative and therapeutic practices used for all issues of psychological nature, emotional nature, societal nature, or developmental nature.

Program structure

An associate degree will help you develop a sound foundation of knowledge in the area of social work and human services. The curriculum comprises of a number of introductory and advanced courses. You will study areas such as psychology, ethnic issues, sociology, crisis intervention, human development, chemical dependency, and community organizations. An associate degree in human services is career oriented and emphasizes the development of social skills needed in the professional field. The program is geared towards developing speaking skills, analytical skills, writing skills, problem solving skills, and communication skills.


An associate in human services program will help you develop strong theoretical based knowledge in this field and also acquire hands on experience. You can apply for a number of entry level jobs in various government welfare agencies as well as private organizations; these include the job position of a human service assistant, social worker, case manager, and guidance counselor. According to a recent research, Jobs in the field of human services are expected to show a growth rate of 23% in the next few years.

The level of income in this field depends on the job position acquired. Guidance counselors can make a minimum $51,000 per year, whereas social workers can earn up to $46,000 per year. Factors such as work experience and certifications can affect the level of income. The program can direct your educational goals; you can pursue further studies at bachelor level in human services.

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