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Associates Degree in Education

For future teachers all states now require at least a bachelor’s degree but an associate degree can get you started with your career in teaching in less time and money. Online associates degree in Education (General) provides the foundation required in the principles and methodology of education in order to become a teacher. It can also become a stepping stone towards a bachelor’s degree in education. Many colleges now prefer students who have an associate degree as they seem more mature and prepared to take on rigorous coursework of higher levels.


Unless you go for a specialized course in Education with a focus on a particular aspect or level of teaching, a general degree in Education will provide you with the foundation knowledge about educational psychology, pedagogy and handling technology and diversity in the classroom.

If the college or school you apply to has a strong affiliation towards religion, there may be an emphasis on the Christian approach to teaching and learning which can enable you to apply the Christian world view to education and prepare you to join childcare facilities, schools or churches where such knowledge can be an asset to you.


The Associates degree in Education will enable you to get an entry level position in the field of education after which you can gain hands on experience before you go for a bachelor’s degree in the field. While high school teaching might require a bachelor’s, you may work as a teacher’s aide, a preschool teacher, a childcare worker or a counselor.


The cost for an online associate degree will be less than of an on campus degree but it will vary from school to school. In general it could range from $4,000 to $15,000. Financial aid in the form of student loans, grants and scholarships can be availed by contacting the respective school.

Where Can You Find the Right Degree Program?

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