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Criminal Justice Online Degree

Earn an associate's degree in criminal justice online from an accredited distance learning institution

Criminal Justice is a field which can acquaint you with law and order, the court system or civil and social justice systems. An online degree in Criminal Justice is right for you if you already have a background in the field or are interested in taking up such a career but cannot manage time for regular classes.

Types of Degrees Available

If you have just completed high school you might want to go for a certificate program, an associate degree or undergraduate degree. If you have completed college then look into the master’s programs or perhaps a doctoral degree. The level you choose will depend on your current qualification and future plans.

Career Opportunities

A degree in criminal justice can get you an entry level job or help you advance your career in field of law enforcement, government and private security, probation and parole, forensic science, federal agencies, correctional careers or legal and court careers.

Course Contents

The course contents for a degree in Criminal Justice will depend on the level of the degree but generally it will include court processes and procedures, criminal investigation and law, general psychology, justice systems, police administration and management, probation and parole, computer skills, technical communications and statistics at associate or undergraduate level. At master’s level you might be required to choose an area of specialization for your thesis while a doctoral degree will call for an in-depth research project in a particular area.

Duration and Cost of an Online Degree

An undergraduate or graduate certificate can be completed within a year while an associate degree can take up to 2 years. A bachelor’s degree takes 4 years while a master’s degree can take 1-2 years. A doctoral degree in criminal justice can take 3-5 years. The cost can be from $5,000 a year to $40,000 for an undergraduate degree while a master’s or doctoral can cost $ 5,000 to $30,000 a year.

How to Choose the Right Program?

Use our degree finder tool to select the right school and program for you. If you need financial aid, you can look into the student loans and grants or scholarships available at the school that you apply to.

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