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Online Science Degrees

Scientific fields of study are an important part of the exploration of our natural world. Subjects, including biology, physics, chemistry, psychology and more have helped build a solid understanding of how the world works through complex scientific concepts and methods of research, experiments and organization.

Online Science Degree Programs

The demand for online science degrees is increasing to keep pace with an expanding scientific world and a growing curiosity to better understand it. Professionals interested in continuing their education through the study of science can choose among a variety of degree options on-campus and online, including bachelor and master degree level programs in the following fields:

  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Psychology
  • Environmental Science
  • Health Care
  • Nutrition
  • Astronomy
  • Zoology

Most people were exposed to scientific concepts at an early age. Throughout elementary school and well into high school, students are taught basic scientific principles and often participate in rudimentary experiments to illustrate the scientific process and practices. People who excelled in these introductory science courses would likely find enjoyment pursuing a science degree.

Scientists are logical and have exceptional quantitative skills. Scientists must also be inquisitive and creative in order to postulate new theories and develop robust experiments to test them. Innovation is key in the scientific world making it increasingly important for scientists to think outside-of-the box in order to find new discoveries and processes.

Popular Schools for Online Science Degrees
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  • Career Outlook

    Students can specialize in numerous scientific fields to find a career path that is best suited for their interests and skill set. Professionals may discover a career in the laboratory, a university or in a public or private sector business or organization. The following are some potential occupations for a professional interested in a science career according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

    • Biological Technician: Assist with laboratory tests and experiments. Annual salary is $39,020.
    • Chemical Technician: Assist chemists and chemical engineers in researching, developing and producing chemical products and processes. Annual salary is $42,040.
    • Conservation Scientist: Manage overall land quality of natural resources, including forests, parks, waterways and more. Annual salary is $57,420.
    • Environmental Science and Protection Technician: Monitor the environment and investigate pollution through various laboratory and field tests. Annual salary is $41,380.
    • Geoscientist: Investigate the physical aspects of the Earth to learn about the planet’s past and forecast the future. Annual salary is $82,500.
    • Physicist and Astronomer: Study the fundamental nature of the universe. Annual salary is $105,430.
    • Psychologist: Study human behavior and processes by observing, interpreting and reporting how people relate to their environment and other people. Annual salary is $68, 640.
    • Zoologist: Study the characteristics and habits of animals and wildlife. Annual salary is $57,430.

    Colleges offering Online Science Degrees

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