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Theology Degrees Online

Online Degrees in Theology

Theology as an academic subject serves to not only broaden your understanding of religion but also helps you develop the skills needed to bring others towards religion too. It can help deepen your faith, practice and spirituality. A Theology degree online is for someone who wishes to serve society as well as God and the church but cannot attend on-campus classes.

Types of degrees
There are a number of degrees in theology. If you have a high school diploma or general education degree, you will be eligible for a bachelor’s degree. After a bachelor’s you can enroll for a master’s. Based on a master’s degree, you could pursue a doctorate in theology. Most programs require previous education in theology or a related subject and in some cases, languages like Greek and Hebrew are also required.
The areas of study include Christian doctrine, church administration, church history, ethics and social action, dogma, pastoral studies and counseling, philosophy of religion, mission and Evangelism, religious and Christian education, Old Testament, New Testament, preaching and Semitic languages. For a master’s degree a thesis is required at the end of the coursework while a PhD requires the in-depth study of a particular area along with a thesis. Some universities also require that you have done a master’s by research if you wish to enroll for PhD.

With a theology degree you can pursue a career as a Christian education director, religious education direction, Christian education minister, children’s ministry director, a youth pastor, an associate pastor or women’s ministry director. In other words, you can choose the path of clerics or educationists.

Online Degrees
A lot of universities are now offering Theology degrees online. This allows you to flexibly complete your degree without disturbing your life or job. Credits for one degree can be transferred to another if the courses are similar, leading to a fast-track degree. Several student bursaries and scholarships for theology are available so if you need financial aid, do ask the school you apply to for available options.
To find the program which is right for you, use our degree finder tool by entering the degree level, area of study and subject.

Ask An Expert: Real Questions, Expert Answers

Q:What is Theology Education?

A:Theology education can be described as the study of Christianity and biblical foundations. This field of education is suitable for individuals who wish to pursue careers as vocational ministers or missionaries. Theology studies can be pursued at all post-secondary levels of education. This includes an associate degree, a bachelor degree, and a master’s degree.

Q:If I pursue theology education online, will it be beneficial in any way?

A:Yes, online education can be very beneficial for students. Online programs are more cost efficient as there are no transportation and book costs involved. On the other hand, students can study at any time of the day according to their convenience. Due to these major advantages, online education has become a popular mode of learning nowadays.

Q:Can a theology certification help boost my career?

A:Yes, a certificate program in theology can boost your career as well as income level. A certificate program basically certifies an individual in a certain academic field or profession. Employers prefer hiring individuals who have acquired certifications and extra credentials. If you are already working in a religious organization, you can climb the corporate ladder by earning this certificate program.

Q:Can you tell me what is theology?

A:Theology can be defined as the systematic study of the concepts of god. This academic field incorporates all relevant concepts such as religious truths, rational study, divinity, biblical studies, and ministry. Hundreds of students enroll in theology degree programs at associate, bachelor, and master’s level of education. These programs are available online as well through accredited online schools.

Q:What will I learn in theology courses?

A:Theology courses are geared towards providing students with religious knowledge and conceptual understanding. Theses course comprise of a number of subjects such as bible studies, Old Testament, New Testament, Christian worship, doctrine, early church history, reformation church history, and prayer book. These courses are offered by many liberal arts institutions and colleges.

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