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Online Ministry Degrees


If you want to become a minister or pastor, enrolling in online ministry degrees can help. These degrees are offered at associate, bachelor’s as well as master’s levels. You learn how to lead church and pastoral ministries by organizing religious services. In addition to this, you also learn how to offer spiritual counsel and understand religious ideologies.  These programs usually focus on biblical education, youth ministry or music ministry.


Why Online?

Online Ministry degrees offer you the freedom to study from any location. Also, you do not have to follow a fixed schedule which is not possible in traditional degree programs. Online degrees in this field are more affordable compared to degrees offered at regular schools. Owing to their flexibility they make an ideal learning route for working professionals who cannot attend regular school due to professional commitments.

Program Overview

Associate’s degree in this field of specialize takes two years to complete while bachelor’s program span over 4 years. Master’s degree in Ministry can be earned in 1-2 years. But if you take the online route, you can obtain these degrees at your own pace. You get training in Bible and Christian history in these programs. Some of the courses included in Ministry degrees include Christian evangelism, ministerial ethics, pastoral counseling, Christian rites and traditions, biblical counseling, and Christian philosophy.

Occupational Outlook

The type of career you can pursue with a degree in Ministry depends on the degree type. If you hold an associate’s degree in this field, you can work as minister, Pastor, youth minister or Worship leader. Earning a bachelor’s degree in Ministry can help you find work as a executive minister, ministerial educator and pastoral counselor. Graduate degree can help you find the most rewarding opportunities in this field. Executive church director, senior pastor/minister and director of ministries include some of the positions you can pursue with a master’s degree.

Financial Aid

Students who may not be able to pursue a program in Ministry due to lack of financial resources need not worry – financial aid programs are there to help. They can look for grants, loans and other awards. Prospective students are advised to estimate the cost of their attendance before applying for financial aid.


Ask An Expert: Real Questions, Expert Answers

Q:What information can you give me regarding ministry definition?

A:Ministry can be defined as the act of serving. This refers to a professional who performs religious duties. A minister holds a high position in any church organization and is one of the most highly paid religious personnel. Individuals who wish to become a religious minister must have at least a bachelor degree in ministry or a master’s degree in ministry.

Q:Why should I opt for an accredited ministry degree?

A:Accreditation holds immense value in today’s advanced education sector. Accreditation basically refers to an approval by an upper authority. Institutes and colleges must make sure they have their programs accredited by the higher education commission. They must follow the set education standards and make sure service delivery is up to quality standards.

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