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Intercultural Studies

Online Degrees in Intercultural Studies

Intercultural Communication, also known as Cross-Cultural Communication, is a field that studies how people belonging to different ethnic and cultural backgrounds communicate, within their own community, as well as with other communities. There is stress given to how they are similar and what sets them apart, making them distinctive.

Benefits of Intercultural Studies Online
Intercultural Studies are gaining popularity, much due to the globalization of businesses and the political alliances. The increase of global trade has made it unavoidable for various cultures to meet and blend together. Intercultural studies aim to diminish the conflicts between societies for a more harmonious relationship of respect and prosperity. Language barriers and culture styles can make different individuals hard to communicate with one another. These studies train students to be confident, open to opinions that might be taboo in their society and be understanding. Intercultural studies are essential parts of many courses and degree programs, and also stand as a promising career. 
Studying these programs over the internet can save you quite a huge amount of money. This is because the cost of education is drastically reduced, since there are no text book and paper materials. All the lessons are available online in the form of PDF files, dedicated online portals and video streaming. It also saves you time that would otherwise be wasted traveling to and from the school and the money used up in this.

Popular Schools for Intercultural Studies

Courses Offered
Intercultural Studies, offered separately or as part of a degree program, usually have four major pillars. These pillars include Comparative Literature, Film Studies, Gender/Society Representation and Translation Theory and Practice. Students can do certifications and diplomas in Intercultural Studies, which provide them some basic knowledge that they can apply professionally. However, more serious students opt for undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Intercultural Studies include a lot of practical exercises and case studies.

Career Outlook
There are quite some interesting career options for you, once you complete a degree in Intercultural Studies. You can work as an Ethnic Center Program Coordinator, Market Research Specialist, Internal Communications Leader, Organizational Development Coordinator and even Director of Communications. The starting salaries can be anywhere around $30,000 - $40,000 per annum, and it may go up to around $70,000 to $90,000 per annum

Ask An Expert: Real Questions, Expert Answers

Q:What is intercultural studies?

A:Intercultural studies can be defined as the study if race, culture, and social groups. This area of study can be found at all levels of education ranging from associate degree programs to master’s degree programs. This area can also be taken as a minor or a major course in other degree programs. Intercultural studies takes into account all diverse cultures found in modern society.

Q:What are the career opportunities after I graduate from the institute for intercultural studies?

A:With a master’s degree in intercultural studies, you can look forward to a wide range of career opportunities. These jobs can be found in numerous private organizations as well as public organizations. You can work as an educator, social worker, case manager, immigrant officer, community worker, or even a counselor. The income level varies from job to job and is influenced by experience and certifications.

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