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Sociology Degrees Online

If you want to work as a social worker or special education teacher or in any line which puts you in a position where patterns of individual and social interaction play a role, then getting a sociology degree might be a good option for you.

What Do Sociologists Study?

Sociology is interdisciplinary combining subjects like culture, social stratification, economics, religion, industry, methods of social research, race and ethnicity in American culture, cultural anthropology, social interaction, society and the study of how class, gender, ethnic differences, modernization and globalization shape human and community values.


With a degree in sociology, there are a number of career paths you could choose depending on the subjects you have studied. You could work in public service as a social worker, a counselor, a remedial teacher or as a rehabilitation or corrections officer. For a more lucrative career, you might want to join a private business, work in law or criminal justice, an advertising agency, a communications department or as a journalist.




Popular Schools for Sociology
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  • Salaries

    Depending on the job, location and employer, you could be earning really well as a sociologist. According to the bureau of labor statistics, a social worker can earn $ 21, 770 -$ 74,040, a journalist can earn $20,180 -$77,480 annually while a special education teacher can earn $33,770 -$78,980 a year. An advertising manager can earn $105,960 on the average per year. Of course the starting wages will be less and the level of education you have in the field could make a difference to your salary and rank but eventually, you could end up doing really well with a sociology degree.

    Types of Degrees

    You can get a bachelor’s, master’s or a doctorate degree in sociology. Many universities now also offer the same courses online. In most online programs all the coursework can be done online and you can interact with the instructors and your classmates through message boards, participate in quizzes and tests and collaborate for online projects. Some programs might require you to visit the campus for the final exams.

    To find the program of your choice, use our degree finder tool. If you are looking for financial aid, you will find information on the website of the concerned school.


    Colleges offering Online Sociology Degrees Online Degrees

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  • Ask An Expert: Real Questions, Expert Answers

    Q:What will I study in a bachelor degree in sociology education?

    A:A bachelor degree in sociology is a program provides students with in depth understanding of the sociology theory and research methodologies. Some of the areas of study include foundations of sociological theory, inequality, statistical methods, sociology and psychology, technology, and culture. The program is offered by many liberal arts colleges across the nation.

    Q:Can you define Sociology?

    A:Sociology can be defined as the study of society’s development. This field of study incorporates all aspects of the society including social relations, institutions, human society, origin, and growth. Sociology has become a major academic principle at post-secondary level. Many colleges and universities offer a range of degree programs in sociology.

    Q:While searching for sociology definition, I came across sociology careers. Can you give me some information about this?

    A:Students who major n sociology can look forward to a number of high paying careers. Sociology majors can find jobs in nonprofit organizations, government agencies, rehabilitation centers, educational institutions, and public relations. It is not necessary to become a sociologist with majors in sociology. Job positions such as counselors, customer service, guidance counselors, and administrators can be pursued with sociology degree programs.

    Q:While reading about sociology of education, I came across various sectors that employ sociology graduates. Can you name a few?

    A:There are numerous sectors in the economy that hire sociology graduates. A few have been mentioned here: business research, public administration, wholesale and retail, finance and banking, education, transport, community and social work, healthcare, manufacturing, and communications. The level of income one can make in this field will depend upon the type of job and employer.

    Q:I am looking sociology study degree programs. What kinds of degree programs are available in this field?

    A:If you are interested in sociology and wish to pursue higher education in this academic field, you can consider the following degree options: associate degree in sociology, bachelor degree in sociology, master’s degree in sociology, and a doctorate degree in sociology. The curriculum and course content will vary slightly from program to program. However, the core purpose of each of these degree programs is to equip students with a well-rounded understanding of sociology.

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