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RN to BSN Online

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Progams for Registered Nurses


Nursing can be described as the practice of providing healthcare to patients. This has become one of the fastest growing occupations in the field of healthcare. Many students are now opting for nursing due to the rising employment demand as well as projected income growth.

Nursing Education

To become a nurse, it is essential to acquire nursing qualifications from accredited schools. Individuals interested in joining this field must possess the knowledge and skills required for nursing. There are numerous degree programs in nursing that aim at equipping students with the in depth knowledge of this field. Basic nursing programs include LPN courses (Licensed Practitioner nurse), RN (Registered Nurse) courses, BSN (Bachelor in nursing) courses, MSN (Master in nursing) courses, nursing certificates, and diploma programs.

RN to BSN Programs

An RN degree program is an Associate level qualification that gives students an in depth understanding of the field. Students can begin practicing nursing at a basic level after completion of this program. On the other hand, a BSN degree program is a more advanced program, falling in the category of bachelor level qualifications.

With the increasing demand for highly qualified nurses, many students are now opting for RN to BSN programs. These are bridge programs that allow students to enhance their nursing knowledge base and move up the corporate ladder.

Program Structure

RN to BSN nursing programs are designed to provide students with necessary education to meet with the healthcare reforms and advancement. With RN experience, students only need to add another 30-40 credit hours through RN to BSN programs to qualify. Some important topics studied in this program have been listed below:

  • Nursing management
  • Pharmacology
  • Microbiology
  • Human growth and development
  • Nursing health assessment
  • Informatics and quality improvement
  • Teamwork and collaboration

Career Prospects

RN to BSN programs can open the doors to lucrative nursing job opportunities and also add to current income level. Many employers are now demanding more BSN qualified practitioners in the field of healthcare. The Salary level that can be earned with RN to BSN programs ranges between $60,000 and $80,000 per year. The exact figure will depend upon factors such as experience, extra certifications, and nursing specialty.

Colleges offering Online RN to BSN Online Degrees

Ask An Expert: Real Questions, Expert Answers

Q:Which are the best RN to BSN programs?

A:The best RN to BSN nursing programs provide students with the necessary skills and training to face up to the challenges and pressures of the healthcare system. An RN program add about 30-40 credit hours for students to qualify for an RN to BSN program. Some of the subjects covered in this program are: Nursing management, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Human growth and development, Nursing health assessment, Informatics and quality improvement and Teamwork and collaboration.

Q:Can you tell me about the RN to BSN 2 year programs?

A:An RN degree program is an associate level degree and gives students an in depth understanding of their chosen field. Students begin practicing their skills professionally right after graduating. However, BSN is a more advanced version and is considered to be equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree in this field. Since demand for highly skilled and trained nurses is increasing, most RN’s are opting for a further BSN course to increase their career options.

Q:Tell me about the RN to BSN accelerated degree programs?

A:RN to BSN Accelerated Degree Program are designed specifically for professional Registered Nurses (RNs) who already have an associate’s degree or diploma in the field. An accelerated RN to BSN degree is designed so that these professionals can earn their degree at a faster pace. Accelerated courses usually last for 12-month in a hybrid format.

Q:What are RN to BSN degrees online?

A:RN to BSN courses are for those who want to switch from being an RN to a BSN. Although there are numerous degree programs in this field which equip students with an in-depth knowledge of this profession, but RN to BSN is considered to be the most crucial one. Other programs consist of LPN courses (Licensed Practitioner nurse), Accelerated RN (Registered Nurse) to BSN (Bachelor in nursing) courses, MSN (Master in nursing) courses, nursing certificates, and diploma programs.

Q:While searching for RN to BSN programs, I came across online healthcare degree programs, could you tell me about them?

A:Healthcare Degree programs prepare you for careers like Registered nurses, Home health aide, Medical assistant, Pharmacy technician, Medical secretary, Dental assistant and Healthcare administrator. These are higher education degree and certifications in healthcare, and offer a number of very lucrative career choices. Your over all income depends on the occupation you choose to pursue, along with the size and location of the organization you are employed with.

Q:What major subjects will I study in RN to BSN programs online?

A:A RN to BSN program is designed for nurses who are seeking to pursue bachelor education in this field. The program comprises of subjects such as developmental psychology, humanities, social sciences, microbiology, anatomy and physiology, chemistry, and nutrition. This program is can help basic nurses move ahead in the healthcare sector by acquiring additional qualifications and skills.

Q:I am already working as a nurse in a clinic, should I pursue an RN to BSN online degree or should I go for campus based BSN programs?

A:Opting for a RN to BSN online degree program is a suitable choice for you. Since you are already working as a nurse, you may not find the time and convenience to take classes at a campus based institute. By enrolling in an online program, you can study at any time of the day without having to be physically present in a class. Online programs are also less expensive as compared to campus based programs.

Q:RN to BSN online schools are accredited by which board?

A:There are numerous nursing boards in the nation that accredit nursing degree programs. These agencies have been authorized by the higher education commission to accredit institutes in this area. The Commission of Collegiate Nursing Education CCNE and National League for Nursing Commission are among the leading accrediting agencies. Accreditation is important to check before enrolling in any degree program.

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