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Online Healthcare Degrees

The healthcare sector is still one of the highest growing sectors in the economy. It offers employment to a large proportion of the population. Increase in healthcare technology, need for medical professionals, and a rise in the number of patients have all boosted the growth rate of healthcare careers. But to pursue career in this field, you must attain healthcare qualifications and certifications.

Healthcare Degree Programs

Healthcare degree programs are designed to prepare students for healthcare jobs. The vast number of healthcare sub categories has led to more career-specific programs being offered by healthcare education institutes. Online healthcare degrees are also becoming increasingly popular. In healthcare classes you will acquire knowledge of the relevant subject area and also develop clinical sills needed for the occupation. Programs in this field are available at the following levels:

    • Masters in healthcare
    • Bachelors in healthcare
    • Associate in healthcare
    • PhD in healthcare
    • Certificate programs in healthcare

There are numerous specialization areas that students can opt for in healthcare degree programs. Online healthcare certifications can help you simply boost your career with extra qualifications and pursue a more rewarding career. The most popularly pursued areas include medical office administration, medical billing and coding, medical administration, massage therapy, healthcare information technology, dental assistant, medical assisting, health services management, gerontology, and nursing.


Before enrolling in online healthcare degrees, it is important that you check the accreditation status of the school and the program being offered. Colleges should be regionally accredited by accrediting bodies authorized by the higher education department. On the other hand, there are a few healthcare accrediting bodies that certify and approve healthcare degree programs. The Commission on Accreditation Healthcare Management Education (CAHME) is an example of a major accrediting body for healthcare degree programs in the United States.


With higher education and certifications in healthcare, you can begin a prosperous career in this field and be an asset to the healthcare industry. The income that can be earned in this field varies from occupation to occupation. Here is a list of some of the highest demanded healthcare jobs of today:

    • Registered nurses
    • Home health aide
    • Medical assistant
    • Pharmacy technician
    • Medical secretary
    • Dental assistant
    • Healthcare administrator


Colleges offering Online Healthcare Degrees

Walden University

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