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Dual Enrollment Programs

Online Programs for Dual Enrollment

In the field of education, dual enrollment is defined as enrolling in two separate academic institutes for courses. Students still enrolled in high school can also take a few college courses from another institute and acquire college credits beforehand.  Dual enrollment programs are also known as Concurrent enrollment programs and are usually taken by students with a high academic performance. This mechanism has been designed to allow students to pursue studies of an advanced curriculum and prepare for college life.

Over 40 states in the US have designed policies for dual enrollment programs that address issues pertaining to enrollment, credit hours, eligibility for dual enrollment programs, and accountability of institutes. According to recent studies, over 5% of high school students enroll in Concurrent programs each year.


Popular Schools for Dual Enrollment

There are a number of schools that offer Dual enrollment programs, these programs are growing in popularity. Many students are pursuing concurrent programs from campus based schools as well as online institutes. However, there are strict rules that define the eligibility criteria for dual enrolment programs. The courses available for study are updated regularly by the Articulation Coordinating Committee and the State Board of Education
Dual enrollment programs can give students a head start in college studies. They can better understand what kinds of courses are offered in college and what are the academic expectations are. A better understanding of college life can help them adjust easily when they complete high school and move on to post secondary education. On the other hand, students can opt for interest related courses in dual enrollment programs that are currently not being offered in high school. These programs can help students find their area of interest in studies.

One of the major benefits of dual enrollment programs is that students can accumulate credit hours that can help them get an early admission in college and finish college in time. The core objective of these programs is to help students develop advanced learning skills, acquire knowledge, and handle difficult coursework.

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Ask An Expert: Real Questions, Expert Answers

Q:What are the main benefits of taking dual enrollment classes?

A:The concept of dual enrollment programs has seen a rapid rise in recent years. In these programs, students still studying in high schools can enroll in college courses simultaneously. This will allow them to better prepare for higher education, attain extra credit hours, and enhance their level of knowledge. These programs aim at encouraging college education among students.

Q:Can I take dual enrollment courses in high school?

A:Yes, you can take dual enrollment courses in high school. Many high schools are offering dual enrollment courses to current students. This means students can take a few college courses while still in high school. This will enable them to understand college level education and better prepare themselves for advanced education. On the other hand, dual programs can also allow students to acquire credit hours that may exempt them from a few courses when enrolling in a college.

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