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Masters 30

Earn your Rank 1/ Masters Plus 30 degree online from an accredited distance learning school.

What is Masters 30?
Masters 30, also known as Masters plus 30 or Rank 1, is a rank on the pay scale. Masters plus 30 is referred to the accredited semester credit hours. The “Masters plus 30” designation is not recognized by the education bodies as a licentiate; hence, it cannot be added to a person’s name in place of a degree or certification.
Rank 1 program are the sixth year programs in most areas of the country. The sole purpose of these programs is to provide dedicated training to the teachers as well as schools, which is beyond the scope of master’s degree. Not only do the teachers get to increase their skills and understanding of the profession, but are also expected to get an increase in their pay. Some very lucrative benefits of completing the Masters 30 program have made it a much adopted training in the United States.

Popular Schools for Rank 1 - Leadership
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  • Masters 30 Online
    Online education has developed and evolved into a mainstream mode of completing your studies. Now you can study entire programs in the comfort of your home. Same is the case with the Masters 30 online programs, also known as the Masters plus 30 distance learning programs. These online programs feature virtual classrooms and student forums for discussion over the internet. There is also a dedicated live help desk for the assistance of the students.
    Upon getting enrolled in an online program of Rank 1 degree, you receive a welcome packet and most of the programs feature study material over the internet or in the form of interactive CDs. The top schools also feature state-of-the-art facilities, such as video streaming of lectures and dedicated student portals.

    Career Outlook
    Since the major purpose of Masters 30 is to increase the pay scale and worth of a teacher or administrator, it actually does offer career progression. You should expect a salary raise of at least 15% or more. There is also a likelihood of an improvement in the designation, to match up with the increase in salary.

    Colleges offering Online Masters 30 Degrees

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