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Education Technology Degree

Online degrees in Education - Education Technology

Online Education Technology Degrees

As the world of technology continues to evolve, more and more schools across the nation are turning towards technical tools to use in the classroom. Not only do technical tools help make learning more accessible for those who cannot attend regular classes, but it makes learning fun for those in the classroom. In such a situation, equipping yourself with a degree in Education Technology can open up a variety of avenues for you.


What do Education Technologists Do?
Individuals with a degree in education technology can work as education software developers or as educators or even as teacher trainers. Their work generally involves the use of technology to design, develop and implement learning tools which can enhance the learning experience of students in a variety of contexts. Someone with an education technology degree can work either as classroom instructor, a curriculum coordinator, program evaluator or an education software trainer. The importance of individuals with a specialization in education technology will continue to grow as the impact of technology grows throughout the field of education in America.
What will you be learning?
Generally most programs will include training in the areas of curriculum planning and evaluation, classroom support, learning environment design, education technology information access and evaluation, management of education technology systems, staff development, data research and interpretation, leadership management and educational change planning and management. Most courses will be in-line with the national curriculum policy in k-12 learning.

Online Degree in Education Technology
Since many in-service teachers are looking to advance their careers and enhance their skills but find it hard to take a break from work and attend regular coursework, many universities offer online degrees in education technology. This allows them to continue working while furthering theirr abilities as an educator. Most programs in education technology are available at master or PhD level and not below.

In order to find the program which best suits you, you can use our degree finder tool. All you have to do is enter the degree, area of study and choose the subject and all available options will open before you.

Ask An Expert: Real Questions, Expert Answers

Q:What are some of the Education Technology courses that I will encounter in my degree program?

A:The curriculum of your education technology program will depend on which school you decide to go and which degree you choose. However generally speaking in most of these programs you will get to study topics like education technology information, classroom support, curriculum evaluation and planning, data research and interpretation, staff development and educational management.


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