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Online Marketing Degree

Online Degrees in Marketing

Marketing plays a vital role in most business organizations; it involves the activity of creating value for products and services to be supplied to consumers. The marketing occupation is predicted to grow at an above average rate of 12% in the following years. Many student students graduate each year with majors in marketing in order to take on marketing related jobs roles.

Marketing Degree Programs
Marketing degrees are academic programs students can enroll in after completing secondary education. These degrees are offered by many business schools and universities. Marketing can be opted for concentration in the following mentioned degree programs:

• Associate degree
• Bachelor degree
• Master’s degree
• Doctorate degree

An associate degree is the most basic form of higher education students can opt for. It is a pre bachelor degree with a duration of two years. This program focuses on the basic fundamentals of marketing. On the other hand, a bachelor degree with majors in marketing is a four year undergraduate program. The degree offers a more in depth analysis of marketing and its role in organizations. If students are looking for a more career oriented and advanced degree in this field, they can pursue a master’s degree after completing a bachelor program. This is a graduate level program and is one of the most reputed degree programs on a global scale.

What will you learn in a Marketing degree program?
Online marketing degree programs will help you acquire a complete understanding of marketing concepts. You will also develop various marketing skills, analytical skills, and communications skills. These programs are aimed at teaching you how to apply marketing principles to boost organizational performance, create awareness for products through advertising and brand promotion, and manage communication structures effectively. Important courses studied in marketing degree programs include strategic management, marketing fundamentals, consumer behavior, and advertisement and promotion.

There are various career options available to students with qualifications in this field. Popular job positions include marketing managers, market research analyst, public relations specialist, advertisement directors, and more. The level of income will vary from job to job, depending upon the firm, qualifications, and work experience. In the marketing field, income levels usually begin at a minimum of $36,000.

Ask An Expert: Real Questions, Expert Answers

Q:What is a marketing degree and what major subjects are studied in this program?

A:A marketing degree program is geared towards teaching students about promoting business products and services. This program is offered at bachelor associate and master’s level. Some important subjects studied in this field include the following: principles of management accounting and finance advertisement and promotion communication marketing research and strategic marketing management.

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