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Online Business Degrees

Business education involves the study of business process, functions of businesses, and theories. Organizations in the economy run business operations based upon these theories and principles. Business education is aimed at preparing students for careers in businesses. Business as subject can be opted for at all levels of education, ranging from high school to doctorate level programs. It is one of the most highly pursued areas of interest in academia.

Business Degree Programs

Business education is available at bachelor level, master level, and doctorate level. These degree programs are offered by a number business schools and colleges. Online business degrees have also grown in popularity with the rise of distant education. Following described are a few major online business programs explained briefly

Associate in Business Administration

This is a two year pre-bachelor program that provides basic knowledge of the business field. It provides students with core fundamental concepts of business administration. The admission criterion for this program is simple, requiring only completion of high school education.

Bachelor Degree in Business

Bachelor business degree is a four year undergraduate program offered by many business schools. It has a comprehensive curriculum that covers all areas of business administration throughout the four year duration. To complete the degree, students must cover all courses and fulfill a credit requirement of 120-130 hours. Important subjects covered in this program include principles of business, accounting, marketing, human resource management, and strategic marketing.

Master’s Degree

A master’s degree in business is an advanced graduate level course that usually has a duration of two years. It can only be opted for after acquiring bachelor’s education. Students enrolled in this program must attain 32-48 credit hours to complete the program. Specialization areas offered include marketing, supply chain management, and more.


With degrees in business administration, you can work in organizations operating at all stages of the business process. These include retail firms, manufacturing firms, and service firms. The role you can apply for will depend upon your level of education and area of specialization. A typical business manager’s salary can go up to $103,000 per year. Business related jobs offer a great opportunity to excel and grow professionally.


Colleges offering Online Business Degrees

Walden University


American InterContinental University

Art and Design


Criminal Justice

Health Care



Jones International University


General Studies

Health Care



Kaplan University


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