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Video Game Design Degrees

Online Degrees in Video Game Development and Design

If you want to embark on a career full of creative freedom and aesthetic enrichment, you need to pursue the Video Games Design Degree. In view of its fast growing demand, it is available at the associate, bachelor or master’s degree level. However, not just anyone can excel in this field, choose to take up this challenging course and eventually career if you are brimming with artistic ability and critical thinking skills. This course will eventually help develop your communication skills as well, since working in groups as a team will not just be part of your degree program but career demand as well. Depending on your degree level, in the job market you will eventually end up working as a game designer, quality assurance tester, team leader, or project manager.

Popular Schools for Video Game Design

Video Game Design Degrees Available

• Associate Degree – Two years to complete
Undergraduates take classes in basic game design, level design, and game art. With optional choices in learning effects animation, prop modeling, character design, and 3D modeling.

• Bachelor’s Degree – Four years to complete
This degree prepares you for a management level position in your career; by building in you a good foundation for game design projects. Subjects like art history, art psychology, anatomy, and physiology are all needed to build a strong characters and stories in video game formats.

• Master’s Degree – One to two years to complete
Master’s degree students get to study quality assurance, game production tools, research design, and asset management. This degree is for upper-management and leadership roles in team projects. Completing a capstone project along with a well researched thesis, is mandatory for the successful completion of this degree program. End of the course students are required to present and defend their findings before a committee.

Cost of a Video Game Design Degree
The cost of pursuing a video game design degree program depends on type of program and degree level you are pursuing. An undergraduate degree can cost around $11,500 to $21,500 per year. A master’s degree program can be anywhere from $11,500 to $19,500 annually.

Traditional vs. Online Video Game Design Degrees
If the cost given above of a video game design degree program has scared you, then opt for pursuing this degree program online. However, the cost of earning this degree’s on-campus is very close to doing it online. Distance learners who think they will save a lot by not having to travel to a college, will have to invest just as much in high-end laptops for software’s to work on video game projects to complete their course, not to mention the high-speed Internet access to complete their coursework.

Ask An Expert: Real Questions, Expert Answers

Q:What options are available in degrees in video game design?

A:The field of videogame design and development is fast becoming very popular and lucrative. Some of the most common degree courses available in this field are:

Associate Degree which takes about two years to complete and compromises of courses in basic game design level design and game art. Students can also choose to learn effects animation prop modeling character design and 3D modeling. Next is Bachelor’s Degree which requires four years to complete and prepares students for foundation building of game design. Students also get to study art history art psychology anatomy and physiology.

This is followed by a Master’s Degree spanning over one to two years. Professionals at this level get to study quality assurance game production tools research design and asset management.

Q:Can you give me some video game designer information?

A:A video game designer is a professional who designs and create video games. The industry has seen a rise in the demand for these designers due to increasing technology and video game trends. Video game designers conduct a number of tasks ranging from background compilation to supervising team members and from character set up to brainstorming ideas.


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