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Online Interior Design Degree

Online Degrees in Interior Design

An Interior Design degree helps students to learn how to make interior spaces purposeful and attractive. Interior designers handle different spaces including homes, offices, homes, shopping malls, restaurants and more. These professionals choose furniture, colors, wall coverings, lightings etc. to add beauty and make these interior more worthwhile. Interior Design degrees are offered by both regular as well as online schools.

Why Opt for an Online Interior Design Degree?
An online Interior Design degree can be an ideal one for you if you are a working professional and want to become an interior designer without giving up your existing job. These programs are highly flexible and help you attend classes from any location. Also, the online programs in Interior Design are more affordable than regular programs in this field.

Popular Schools for Interior Design
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  • Interior Design Degree Program
    If you want to become an interior designer you should enroll in an associate or bachelor’s degree in Interior Design. These programs take 2 and 4 years to complete respectively. If you take the online route you can complete this degree at your own pace. Some of the courses you will cover in this program include universal design, furniture layout, introduction to drafting, and history of furniture, floor plans, lighting and building structure. You will also come to know about mechanical systems, codes, sound design, computer-aided drafting and design, 3D design and exhibit design.

    Occupations Outlook
    Employment of interior designers is expected to increase by 19% in the coming years. This is why this field can be highly lucrative one. As an interior designer you can earn $30,000 to $100,000 annually. You can choose to work as a residential designer or commercial and industrial designer. Also, you can opt to design sports complexes, medical and institutional facilities. You can also set up your own consultancy and be your own boss.

    Cost of Interior Design Degree
    The costs of Interior Design schools vary. An associate degree program in this field may cost up to $45,000 while a bachelor’s degree may cost you up to $85,000. If you cannot afford to pay for these programs, you need not worry as there are a number of financial aid programs that can help you pay for your tuition and related expenses. These include funds from the federal government as well as private resources.

    Colleges offering Online Online Interior Design Degree Degrees

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  • Ask An Expert: Real Questions, Expert Answers

    Q:What are best courses to undertake if you want to undertake some interior design training?

    A:There are a number of courses you can undertake. You could for instance undertake a bachelor degree which is a three or four year program. If you are unsure whether or not you wish to make such a long term commitment then you can undertake an associate degree program which can then be used to progress onto a bachelor degree if you wish.

    Q:What kind of jobs can I find after interior design degree online?

    A:The job that you can get after your graduation will depend on several factors like your personal ability and area of specialization. Some of the job positions that you can find with a interior design degree are architectural assistant facility and space planner junior designer assistant designer and project designer. If you have an advanced level degree the chances of job growth are significant.

    Q:How much will it cost me to get a quality interior design education?

    A:Interior designs and the cost of degrees they offer may vary due to a number of reasons like location and faculty and so on. However a general estimate of various interior design degrees can be similar to this:  An associate degree can cost up to $45000 while a bachelor’s degree can go as high as $85000. However for students who can not afford to spend this much on their education institutes offers financial aid to deserving students.

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