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Online Graphic Design Degree

Online Degrees in Graphic Design & Multimedia

We are all surrounded by graphic design, whether it is at work, home, or when we are out and about. Graphic design is a rather general term but can be applied a in number of industries:  advertising agencies, design studios, marketing companies, multimedia companies, print shops, editorial companies, textile design companies are constantly looking for talent in graphic design. Most prospective employers will require a graphic designer to produce a portfolio and an online graphic design degree will prove invaluable in creating one.

Online Graphic Design Degree Program
The program will teach you how to best transform your artistic talents onto the computer screen and create a job-winning portfolio. Subjects include: illustration, design, desktop publishing, and multimedia design. If you want a career in graphic design, you will need a sound knowledge of the main principles, as well as experience with dealing with a wide range of projects from print publishing to product design- there are a wide range of items that are covered in an online graphic design program.

Benefits of Studying Online
There are a number of colleges offering this degree program online to ensure flexibility to those already working. Overall these degrees share the same content as regular programs, but are offered through distance learning. An online degree would also prove invaluable to those already involved in graphic design and wish to polish their skills, or even to learn new ones.
Funding your Program
Online graphic design degrees cost almost the same as degrees in other disciplines. The programs are, however, more cost effective because you get to save on other expenses like travelling. However, if you still find it hard to pay for tuition you can apply for financial aid.
A number of financial aid programs are available. Your school may offer you a grant, scholarship or student loan depending on your financial need as determined by the information that you provide in the FAFSA form. The option of private student loans is also there to help you have money for your tuition and living costs.

For further guidance on all the options available, please use our Degree Finder tool on our website. This tool will show all the best online schools offering this program. You can make an informed decision according to your particular educational requirements.

Ask An Expert: Real Questions, Expert Answers

Q:What can you do with a graphic design degree?

A:There are a number of careers you can pursue if you undertaken such a design degree. You could start your own design consultancy and run your own business. Alternatively you can work for a design company. There are many companies that employ graphic designers to help design their products ‘in-house’.

Q:What is the advantage of taking accredited graphic design classes online?

A:There are several advantages of enrolling in a program accredited by a credible body. Accredited schools have better teaching facilities to offer because they have to maintain a certain set of standards. In addition to this there are many employers who prefer to hire individuals who have graduated from accredited institutes. 

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