Online education could solve Florida’s education difficulties

posted on Wednesday, Jan 25 2012

As state education officials in Florida attempt to address some of the challenges faced by the higher education system in the state, online education programs could prove to be a valuable asset in making education more accessible for students, reports Florida Today.

The focus of proposed legislative plans in Florida’s education system center on the need for more graduates of the science, technology, engineering and math - or STEM - degree programs. The growing need for skilled graduates in the workforce is also a driving motivation behind the proposals being discussed by state legislators.

Some schools are taking a proactive approach to these problems. Brevard Community College is examining the potential expansion of existing programs to include some online elements that make degree programs more accessible to working adults and other non-traditional students.

Officials hope that enabling students to study at least partially online could encourage aspiring learners to enroll in online bachelors degree programs in scientific majors, as opposed to mandating enrollment through policy.

According to Washington, D.C. blog The Hill, a recent report from the U.S. Commerce Department indicates that continued federal investment in technology within higher education and a renewed focus on STEM teaching is vital for the country to remain effective and competitive in today’s global economy.

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