Online bachelors degrees in computer science

posted on Monday, Feb 27 2012

For the technically minded individual, a career in technology could be an ideal fit. Online bachelors degree programs are one way for working professionals to develop their skill sets and advance in a new career. One option for aspiring technology workers is computer science, but what does this subject involve, and how can it help an individual’s career prospects?

Computer science centers around the theoretical concepts relating to information. Some subjects taught in this kind of online bachelors degree could be abstract, whereas others may deal with more practical applications. Students enrolled in computer science degrees learn about information structures and how computer systems can be applied to the process of solving problems.

Many online bachelors degrees in computer science will blend both theoretical and practical concepts to provide students with a well-rounded curricula. Courses such as information and data theory, the concept of programming languages, data structures and algorithms, and databases could all be described as theoretical modules.

Practical courses taught in many computer science degrees include practical programming, where students learn languages such as Java, C++ and Python; computer graphics, which focuses on the application on computer and information theory to create striking visualizations and life-like renders; software engineering, the creation of software applications and information systems; and robotics, which often involves a blend of engineering and artificial intelligence courses.

Individuals considering enrolling at an online college for a computer science degree should be highly analytical and logical thinkers. Although computer science is based on rules, the application of these concepts often requires critical and creative thinking skills, making computer science a demanding yet rewarding course of study.

Graduates of online bachelors degrees in computer science can work in a variety of industries. Some people put their skills to use within the technology sector itself, developing the software and websites of tomorrow. Other industries that make extensive use of computer science include medical research, meteorology, marine biology, automotive engineering and many more.

Virtually any industry that requires creative problem-solving can be a potential career path for computer science graduates. From designing computer network infrastructure to creating microchips, from the national weather service to the space program, computer science is everywhere. For people who love to solve problems, a career in this exciting field could be a great fit.

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